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Faces of Solar: Dave Myers, Sales Manager at Harvest Solar

For Dave Myers, entering the solar industry was a chance to align his professional life with his personal values. As sales manager at the Champaign location of Harvest Solar – a family-owned solar company founded in 2010 that specializes in residential, agricultural, and commercial solar – Dave enjoys working with a local team dedicated to putting customers first and contributing to Illinois’ clean-energy development goals. 

Dave Myers, Sales Manager at Harvest Solar in Champaign
Dave Myers, Sales Manager at Harvest Solar in Champaign

We are proud to highlight Dave in this edition of Faces of Solar in recognition of his personal dedication to his work and commitment to extending solar energy’s benefits to his local community.

“This was an opportunity for me to truly grow something I believe in,” Dave said. “It is rewarding to know I can make a difference for both the customer and for the bigger picture of creating clean energy."

For Dave, making a difference on the local and global scale is what makes the solar industry unlike any other. Dave is proud to be part of an industry that makes a positive impact on the state at large and local communities alike. In his day-to-day work, oversees Harvest Solar’s sales operations throughout Illinois, working with sales staff, customers, and industry leaders to spread the benefits of solar energy to more Illinoisans.

Dave highlighted how solar installations are not only good investments but also create generational benefits. Dave encourages anyone who is interested in joining the industry to pursue the many available opportunities. There is a need for quality workers and companies to help customers navigate their options and invest in solar.

“Simply put, who wouldn’t want to get into an industry that can make a difference and that helps to build such a positive product?” Dave said. “What we sell, design, and install is not just beneficial to our customers, but for generations to come.”   

To get your foot in the door, whether for a career opportunity or purchasing a solar installation, Dave suggests starting locally. 

“Look for companies like Harvest Solar who value a local presence and put customers first,” Dave said. “Try to find a company that has been around a while and that seems to be there to make a difference.” 

The good thing about solar is that it has staying power. Dave knows the industry is just getting started — in fact, the Solar Energy Industries Association projects Illinois’ solar capacity will grow by 1,700% in the next five years. To propel Illinois to a 100% clean energy future, Dave believes Illinois must “keep extending or creating incentives to make it easier for anyone in Illinois to afford the opportunity to obtain clean energy.” 

“The goal is to continue to make clean energy a viable option for anyone who wants it,” Dave said.


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