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Faces of Solar: Deanna Hernandez, Senior Solar Diagnostics Technician, Sunrun (Illinois)

Deanna Hernandez
Deanna Hernandez, Sunrun Senior Solar Diagnostics Technician

The solar industry is booming in Illinois, creating thousands of high-quality and family-supporting careers for Illinoisans. From installers and salespeople to electricians and engineers, the solar industry has many pathways to build and grow a career. In this Faces of Solar Feature, we are highlighting Sunrun Senior Solar Diagnostics Technician Deanna Hernandez to hear how she entered the industry.

Deanna was always fascinated by renewable energy and technology, and seeing how few women of color were pursuing careers in the solar industry motivated her to get involved in this growing field. “It pained me to not see many women of color in clean energy,” said Deanna. “I’m seeking to change that because the opportunity to enter the solar industry was the beginning of something great for me, and I want other women of color to experience that too.”

Deanna began her solar career as an entry-level salesperson, which she used to grow a successful career in the industry. She entered the solar industry at a great time, and as the State of Illinois continues its transition to a more electrified future, she encourages other women of color to join the solar movement.

“Discover what part of the industry excites you the most or what you’d like to learn,” said Deanna. “There are many entry-level roles available that can help get your foot in the door to begin your climb upwards.”

Much like the State of Illinois is investing in solar, Deanna encourages everyone to invest in themselves and build their own successful solar career. Today, thanks to Sunrun’s support and investment in its people, Deanna is in the process of going back to school to continue expanding her career.

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