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Solar prices have dropped by more than 50% in the last ten years, and new legislation and programs have made solar more accessible to more Illinoisans than ever before. Scroll down to see how solar can fit into your world.

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How Can Solar Power Your World?

The cost of solar technology is decreasing while the State of Illinois is making it easier and more affordable to invest in clean energy for your home, business, school, and community, creating the perfect environment to join the solar movement.

You can get help to manage or lower your utility bills through your own solar installation or a community solar project. Learn more about Illinois Shines and how it can make solar more affordable for you, while creating a cleaner, healthier Illinois.


Now is the time to embark on a solar career. Billions of dollars have been invested into the Illinois solar industry with specific investments dedicated to workforce development to supercharge the workforce.

Explore the links below to see how solar can power your career.


Join the Illinois Solar Workforce

Illinois Solar For All helps create jobs for all Illinoisans. Explore the resources and approved job training programs to spark your solar career.


Equity Eligible Persons

The Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) includes strict provisions to ensure the clean energy industry provides equitable employment opportunities. Visit this link to explore how you can become an Equity Eligible Person, and view jobs in the clean energy industry.


Explore Solar Job Listings

The three industry organizations that make up Solar Powers Illinois each have jobs listings available to explore. Visit the below links from each organization to explore employment opportunities.


Become a Solar Contractor

As part of CEJA, Illinois Shines formed a new categorization for Approved Vendors called Equity Eligible Contractors (EECs). This new category of Approved Vendor receives the same REC price as other project applications, but is offered a separate block of capacity reserved specifically for EECs.

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