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Community Solar Helps Dixon Park District Move Toward a 100% Clean Energy Future

Updated: May 8

Meadows Park – a host of hiking trails, soccer fields, and riverfront in Dixon, about an hour southwest of Rockford – will soon be home to a 5-megawatt community solar farm. The Dixon Park District and Trajectory Energy Partners are partnering to develop the farm, which is expected to have a 35-year lifespan and add 5 MW AC of clean energy to the electrical grid.

Meadows Park is a prime location for the solar farm, Meadow Solar, and in 2022, the project was one of the winning applicants for the Illinois Community-Driven Community Solar (CDCS) program. 

CDCS projects are intended to provide direct benefits to the communities in which they operate. In the case of Meadow Solar, the solar farm will save on energy costs for surrounding community members who subscribe to the project and help the Dixon Park District increase and maintain youth programs through a community benefit payment.

“Meadow Solar is a unique project, as the Park District is tripling down on providing benefits through solar energy subscriptions, job creation, and park district services to residents,” shared Jon Caron, Trajectory Energy Partners Founder and Managing Partner. “We’re excited to work with them on that while bringing more clean energy to Dixon.”  

This project will tie in nicely with the Dixon Park District’s goal of becoming the first park district in Illinois to be powered by 100% solar energy. 

“Dixon is setting the standard for CDCS programs in their region,” said Carlo Cavallaro, Midwest Regional Director of the Coalition of Community Solar Access. “With the addition of the Meadows Park solar farm, I hope Dixon will inspire Lee County to follow in their footsteps. Community solar access benefits the entire county through its utility bill savings – it's a no-brainer.” 

Lee County hosts about 2 MW of community solar capacity, according to the Illinois Solar Map. Once Meadow Solar is complete, Lee County will have nearly 7 MW of community solar capacity, an increase of over 250%.

The project is contributing to a more connected community, providing savings for local businesses, and creating more youth programming for residents. Meadow Solar shows how the benefits of Community Solar go far beyond clean energy. 


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