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Shining Bright: A Sustainable Holiday Glow

As the holiday season paints neighborhoods with festive lights, some displays are illuminated by a unique power source—solar energy and storage. Park Ridge resident David Ziegenhorn is among those powering the holiday spirit with the sun.

Ziegenhorn's home boasts a 10.3KW solar capacity, supplying approximately 120% of his power needs in the summer and 25% during the winter months. In a state where the average monthly electric bill has soared to $161 for residential customers, Ziegenhorn has managed to slash his once hefty $200-plus bill to a budget-friendly $30, proving that sustainability doesn't just benefit the planet—it's a smart financial choice.

Ziegenhorn's solar journey began with a 10.3KW solar system purchased from Tesla, complemented by four Tesla Powerwall units, which help him keep the lights on even during the harshest winter storm. Installed in December 2020, the system, which includes Powerwall units to store energy in the basement, was operational just two days after installation.

As we revel in the glow of holiday lights, Ziegenhorn's story serves as a reminder that there are sustainable ways to light up the festive season. This time of year can be synonymous with more than just decorations and merriment. It can be a time to embrace sustainable practices, reduce our environmental footprint, and create a brighter future for generations to come.

Note: Individual savings will vary. Please visit the ISEA solar calculator for an estimate unique to your situation.

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