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Faces of Solar: Isaiah Field, Project Construction Manager at Trajectory Energy Partners

Isaiah Field wanted to start his career off in construction, but when presented with the unique opportunity to enter into both the construction and the solar industry, he knew he had found his calling.

Isaiah Field, Project Construction Manager at Trajectory Energy Partners

After interning with a construction company that had plans to expand into the solar market, Isaiah began to examine the possibilities of solar energy more closely. After learning about all the benefits of solar and its innovative technology, he was instantly drawn to solar construction and became passionate about helping to build a more sustainable future.

“I think more people should consider a career in the solar industry,” Isaiah said. “I believe there is a lot of opportunity for growth and career development as the technology and deployment of solar continues to grow.”

After overseeing many solar construction projects over the years and now with Trajectory Energy Partners as a Project Construction Manager— supporting Trajectory’s mission of bringing communities, organizations, and landowners together to develop quality solar projects that contribute to local economic growth and a sustainable energy future.

Isaiah is adamant that the transition to solar energy not only helps consumers save on electricity

cost, but also helps reduce reliance on other forms of energy generation. Burning coal, for example, comes with negative impacts on the environment and on communities all around the world. Nationwide, carbon emissions are reduced by 198 million metric tons each year because of solar installations.

“Increasing the deployment of energy storage systems coupled with clean energy projects will be needed throughout the state to continue to propel Illinois towards a 100% clean energy future,” Isaiah said. “We need to be able to supply and utilize clean energy not just during peak sun hours, but also throughout the night.”

Isaiah encourages those who are interested in clean energy to gain as much knowledge as possible, especially for anyone seeking a job in the industry. With more than 5,600 Illinoisans working in solar and the industry primed for massive growth, there are plenty of opportunities for people to get involved.

“Take advantage of solar and clean energy certifications and training programs,” Isaiah advised. “There are industry-recognized resources out there to help you obtain knowledge in best practices and standards for clean energy projects that will allow you to start or further your career in the industry.”


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