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A Champion for Solar: Rep. Daniel Didech Takes Charge in Illinois’ Transition to Clean Energy

Passing Illinois’ landmark Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) would not have been possible without State Rep. Daniel Didech of Buffalo Grove. Now, after over two years since CEJA’s inception, Rep. Didech is taking full advantage of the incredible federal and state incentives available to Illinois residents who opt to transition to solar.

Rep. Daniel Didech official headshot
Rep. Daniel Didech of Buffalo Grove. (Photo via Illinois General Assembly)

Rep. Didech recently installed solar panels on the rooftop of his home in Buffalo Grove, Illinois for two major reasons that underlined his long standing support of the industry. First, he is committed to supporting the state’s transition to clean and renewable energy in the race against climate change; the second, to save on his electric bill every month.

When Illinois passed the Climate & Equitable Jobs Act in 2021, it made it so much easier for homeowners statewide to install rooftop solar,” Rep. Didech recently wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times. “State incentives like Illinois Solar for All and Solar Renewable Energy Credits, federal incentives like a 30% tax credit to apply toward installation and available financing options make it financially feasible for virtually all homeowners to install rooftop solar panels.”

As an active participant in Illinois’ transition to a clean energy economy, Rep. Didech not only contributes to the collective effort against climate change but also sets an inspiring example for his constituents. He understands the economic benefits attached to going solar, and the overall boost to the state’s economy when progressive legislation supports the advancement of our industry. Rep. Didech's initiative serves as a noteworthy testament to the positive impact individuals can make in fostering a greener and more economically efficient future. 

Thank you, Rep. Didech for being an advocate for solar in Illinois! Check out a behind-the-scenes look at his recent residential solar installation, here

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