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Faces of Solar: Peter Testa, President of Testa Produce

The Illinois solar industry is powered by individuals of all backgrounds, from businesses, contractors, and policymakers to other solar industry players and the boots on the roof who bring solar installations to life – each as diverse as the solar industry itself. The commonality that brings these individuals together is their passionate support and advocacy for the benefits the solar industry provides to all Illinoisans. We’re thrilled to recognize Peter Testa, President of Testa Produce and a friend of the solar industry, for his continued commitment to implementing solar energy solutions at his business.

Testa Produce is a family-owned business, and since its inception, the organization has worked hard to distinguish itself from the competition. Testa takes pride in having the most up-to-date green technologies operating at its state-of-the-art facility in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood. Peter knows that embracing renewable energy isn't just an eco-conscious decision; it's a smart business strategy that lowers costs, benefits the environment, and boosts company morale.

The landmark Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) and other clean energy incentives have allowed companies like Testa Produce to access grants and programs that help offset the cost of solar installations. Since the passage of CEJA, Testa Produce has installed approximately 150 solar panels on the rooftop of its LEED Platinum-certified food service warehouse, which in turn has reduced the cost of operations by nearly 40%.

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