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Faces of Solar: Kay Nguyen, Project Finance Analyst at SunVest

Updated: Jul 1

Cuong (Kay) Nguyen moved to the United States from Vietnam seven years ago as an international student. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a master’s in quantitative finance from Northeastern University, Kay was in search of a career in a sustainable and growing field. 

Kay Nguyen, Project Finance Analyst at SunVest

During his search for a full-time job, he was considering a career in banking or corporate finance; however, the current climate and instability in many of those industries deterred him from pursuing those opportunities. That’s when he turned to the solar industry. 

“Knowing that the renewable energy industry is booming, I knew that I couldn’t go wrong with exploring career opportunities in the sector,” said Kay. “It’s an industry on an upward trajectory employing individuals from all kinds of backgrounds.”

Kay joined SunVest Solar in February 2024 as a project finance analyst. He analyzes project economics, evaluates new potential markets, performs market analysis, and works closely with various stakeholders. SunVest is a rapidly growing leader in renewable energy, advancing an industry-leading pipeline of nearly two gigawatts of development projects and managing a growing portfolio of assets accumulating approximately 250 megawatts of solar energy. 

“My day-to-day responsibilities are not much different working in the solar industry than they would be if I had a role in banking or corporate finance,” says Kay. “However, it is much more rewarding knowing that my role isn’t just propelling business growth but also helping to better the environment, and it keeps me motivated.” 

While Kay is only just beginning his career in the solar industry, his interest in renewable energy solutions stems back to his time in Vietnam. From a young age, Kay was exposed to the benefits of renewable energy through his family’s business which helped create alternative solutions for coal. Now, Kay gets to continue exploring his passion for renewable energy and help expand the growth of the solar industry while knowing his efforts will leave a positive impact on the environment.


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