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Cameron Solar Boosts Community Solar Capacity in Peoria

Side profile of solar panels on a solar panel farm with people standing next to solar panels
Trajectory Energy Partners at Cameron Solar. Photo Credits: Trajectory Energy Partners

The Cameron Solar project is the latest community solar project in Illinois to open access to clean energy and help residents manage their power bills. The 2 MW, 20-acre solar array, developed just west of Peoria, is a result of five years of collaboration with the local community to develop and zone the site.

Trajectory Energy Partners (Trajectory) led Cameron Solar's development efforts, working with the landowner, local organizations, and community members to introduce the project to neighbors and successfully zone it. Summit Ridge Energy acquired the project from Trajectory and managed the construction and energization of the project, which was completed by union labor in 2023. 

The array also has a pollinator-friendly ground cover, which provides further environmental benefits by not only providing a natural habitat for important pollinators but also helping panels work more efficiently.

"Cameron Solar is another example of how impactful community solar is in Illinois,” shared Jon Carson, Trajectory Energy Partners Founder and Managing Partner. “Not only is it bringing more clean energy to the grid, it's reducing the utility bill costs for subscribers and helping family farms protect their land for future generations."

Community solar energy farm from an airplane window. Aerial view of a solar farm.
Aerial view of Cameron Solar. Photo Credits: Trajectory Energy Partners

Projects like Cameron Solar help propel Peoria and Tazewell counties to access more solar energy. The counties currently have installed 2,200 projects with a total of 45.5 megawatts of solar capacity installed. That’s enough to  power nearly 8,000 homes. Cameron Solar was the fifth community solar project in the area, bringing the total amount of local community solar power to 7.8 megawatts, enough energy for more than 1,300 homes.

Community solar projects like Cameron Solar make it possible to reach even more Illinois residents and make solar energy accessible to all while reducing costs and improving reliability for everyone. New projects create jobs, economic impact, and significant tax revenue for local municipalities. Community solar also offers opportunities for renters, businesses, and multi-unit buildings to utilize clean energy if they cannot install their own rooftop panels.

“Thousands of Illinoisans have benefited from community solar, and more are getting access to solar energy every day,” said Carlo Cavallaro, Midwest Regional Director for the Coalition for Community Solar Access. “Community solar is yet another component of Illinois’ toolbox that improves grid stability, creates jobs, and saves consumers money. By virtue of major investments from the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA), developers are continuing to ramp up community solar projects across the state.”

As cities and townships across Illinois continue to implement solar energy as a cost-effective renewable energy solution, the state’s solar power capacity will keep growing. Through 2023, a whopping total of over 2,719 megawatts of operating solar capacity have been installed in Illinois, enough to power more than 440,000 homes.

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